Brazil Espirito Santo

Brazil Espirito Santo

from 17.00

Process: Washed

Acidity: Low

Body: Creamy

Elevation: 900-1200 Meters

Tasting Notes: Bakers Chocolate, Cashew and Baking Spice

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Brazil Espirito Santo

Espírito Santo is a special coffee-growing region of Brazil, where its proximity to the sea and unusual microclimate has created a distinct, delicate profile of coffee. Many of the small- and midsize producers (5–20 hectares on average) here focus on Washed coffee due to the misty weather and cooler temperatures. Because of the location and climate, the coffee is also picked during a different season than the height of production in Minas Gerais. Espírito Santo, directly translated to “Holy Spirit” in English, is a Brazilian state situated in the southeast of this intriguing South American country. The capital of Espírito Santo is Vitória, which is situated on an island. Because of its extensive coastline, this state is well known for its sand dunes, ports, and beaches.