Decaf Mexico Chiapas

Decaf Mexico Chiapas


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Tasting notes: 70% Dark Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Pipe Tobacco
Acidity: Low
Body: Full, Dense

Decaf Mexico Chiapas is our current decaffeinated option, but we'd go as far as to say it can hang with the entirety of our coffee lineup. This coffee is grown in the Chiapas region of Mexico. Chiapas is one of the top coffee producing regions in the country, though it is often in the shadow of the famous Chiapas production area. This coffee is processed using Mountain Water. It's exceptionally sweet for a decaf while retaining a syrupy mouthfeel and boisterous body.

In this cup you will find tasting notes of 70% dark chocolate, graham cracker and pipe tobacco. In the nose, look for pronounced clove, anise and granola-like aromas, nestled under a sultry, smoky tone. The acidity of this coffee is mild, but the body is prominent and dense. This coffee can be used for a variety of purposes, but it best when brewed in a drip coffee pot.