Kenya Kichwa Tembo AA

Kenya Kichwa Tembo AA

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Name: Kenya Kichwa Tembo AA

Process: Washed

Acidity: Vibrant

Body: Slick

Tasting notes: Red Grapefruit, Green Grape, Dark Toffee

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Reverie is excited to announce the release of our first Kenyan coffee in 3 years: Kichwa Tembo AA. We think this washed process coffee highlights the origin characteristics we’ve come to love from this part of the world.

"Kichwa Tembo" translates to "Elephant Head" in Swahili. This term is used by the importer, Cafe Imports, to name *blended origin lots* from this part of the country. This lot doesn't come from a specific region or washing station (called a factory in Kenya), instead its sourced from a variety of small holder farmers and blended together.

When you first sip this coffee you'll most likely notice it’s sweet acidity and ruby red grapefruit flavors. Its vibrant and lively, bolstered by a burnt sugar and dark toffee sweetness. There's a complex and layered top end to this coffee. The body is slick but present, with ripe fruit and green grape. Aromas are a blend of all of these flavors with a hint of cherry tomato in the nose.