Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

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Process: Washed

Acidity: Low

Body: Syrupy

Elevation: 1500-1800 Meters

Tasting Notes: Tart Cherry, Graham Cracker and Milk Chocolate

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Papua New Guinea

Kunjin is the name of coffees processed at a centralized plantation mill called Kindeng, in the Kindeng region of the Western Highlands. Kunjin is the name of a nearby region from which many local producers bring their coffee. The mill purchases cherry from smallholder farmers who each has about 1.5 hectares of land, growing about 2,500 trees per hectare. Through the centralized milling and drying, our partners on the ground control quality at the processing level: Day lots are cupped and separated to build our containers, and lots which are microlot-worthy are processed separately. - Cafe Imports