Reverie Donation REquests & GiftS

We need to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who support and surround us. It's an impossible task to take on everything and be successful. So we wish to focus our giving efforts to areas where we can maximize the use of our limited resources. As you can imagine, Reverie gets asked to support many great organizations each week. However, we only have so many resources we can budget each year. This is why we have a process to determine which opportunities are a great fit for us.

Our focus is concentrated on supporting opportunities benefiting our local community first. We value local programs that work to improve childhood literacy in Wichita. And because we are in coffee, we also choose to support particular causes committed to improving the coffee value chain.

Please keep in mind, we prioritize requests for causes that fit within our own focused efforts stated above.
Our two requirements for submitting donation requests:
-We kindly request 60 days notice for reviewing your request
-The form below must be completed in full to be eligible

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