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Just like your car or air conditioner, your coffee equipment requires regular maintenance. Don’t wait until a disaster interrupts your business to give your equipment the attention it deserves. Principal Coffee Equipment Solutions is a service that repairs, installs, maintains, and distributes premium specialty coffee related equipment. Principal also provides necessary water filtration systems for the coffee industry. Our staff aims to provide expert, comprehensive coffee equipment service and support to coffee brewers in our community.

Tie Groth, service manager at Principal CES.

Tie Groth, service manager at Principal CES.

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Regular maintenance keeps performance up and costs down.

Just the wear and tear facts:

●     Valves, seals, and flow restrictors have limited service lives

●     Brew heads and steam wands can leak,weakening extraction and aeration

●     Improperly treated water can deposit scale or corrode equipment

●     Grinder burrs collect used grounds and wear down

●     Level probes and temperature probes require periodic cleaning

Manufacturers Recommend:

●     Valves, seals, and flow restrictors be replaced biannually

●     Rebuilding steam wand valves biannually

●     Reverse osmosis filters be replaced annually

●     Grinders be cleaned quarterly

●     Level probes and temperature probes be cleaned biannually

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