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What are your coffee goals? Do you want to open a coffee shop, or are you just looking to provide better for your customers, guests or staff? Either way, Reverie can be the solution to your needs.

Reverie’s wholesale department is focused on bringing exceptional coffee to cafes, offices, and retailers all over Wichita and beyond. Our roasting team sources unique, excellent green coffees from all over the world before expertly roasting them to bring out delicious, nuanced flavors that balance complexity and accessibility. From there, our wholesale representatives work with a variety of brands and businesses to make sure that you, your employees, and your customers will be satisfied.

In addition to sourcing, roasting, and distributing coffee, our wholesale department also offers consultation, training, sales, and service support for customers planning to bring the experience of specialty coffee into their place of service. Our team is dedicated to achieving success with you by providing fantastic coffee, personalized customer service, and a commitment to helping you achieve your business goals.

special roasting services

If you are in need of specialized or custom roasting and packaging services, Reverie Roasters has many options to suit your needs. From private label product development to toll roasting for your existing coffee business, our roasting team is committed to finding solutions to your coffee needs. We become partners in your success.

What do you want to do with specialty coffee? There are so many ways coffee can be custom tailored to meet your for-profit and non-profit endeavor. Reverie can help you establish a proven business model with integrated distribution solutions directly to consumers, helping you focus on marketing your product while we take care of the production and distribution. Just ask how we can help you.

Together – coffee.


Jason Hendry
General Manager-Wholesale

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