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Beau Harris, Head Roaster & Director of Coffee

Beau Harris, Head Roaster & Director of Coffee

Roast philosophy

“I believe great coffee should be both intriguing and drinkable. Equal parts challenging for developed palettes and accessible for folks just starting their journey into the world of coffee. I roast coffee to modify the unique origin characteristics, attempting to highlight flavors I find interesting while also maintaining a sense of balance and clarity.” - Beau Harris, on roast philosophy

Our roasting team is headed by Beau Harris, a seasoned coffee veteran with over 6 years of experience in specialty coffee. Having been the head barista of multiple cafes, a certified espresso machine technician, and a cafe consultant, he knows the affect great coffee can have on all aspects of a cafe business.
Our crew is driven by a desire to provide fantastic coffee and customer service to the Wichita community and beyond.

COffee for the people

We make coffee for everyone. Be it your livelihood, or for you home or office, Reverie creates coffee for people who care about making a lasting impression on their audience. Let us show you how our coffees can make your life a little better. Visit our cafe for a great coffee experience, or contact our wholesale team to learn about adding Reverie coffee into your workplace.

If you are needing custom roasting solutions for your business or project, head over to our Wholesale page for more info.


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