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Ethiopia Guji

This naturally processed coffee is sure to satisfy your taste buds. This coffee is grown at 1800-2000m by roughly 700 farmers that are involved with or partially own the Cherri mill. It is farmed, taken to the Cherri mill, and dried on raised beds for 21-24 days. This results in a finish that is distinctly cleaner than other naturals from the region, while still maintaining its characteristic fruit forward flavors.

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Cranberry & Orange Scone

Crafted by Founders Bakery, these fruity scones are mighty tasty.  They're made with fresh cranberries and oranges, and topped with a sweet glaze. They're the perfect amount of sweet and tartness, and pair wonderfully with our Ethiopia Guji!                                                                                                                                


Reverie roasters and founders bakery grand opening!!!!!

On February 16th from 7am-8pm, we will be open at our new location: 2202 E Douglas Avenue. Come in and celebrate with us! On February 13th we will be closing at 6pm and this will be the LAST day you can get coffee at our current location. We will be closed on the 14th and 15 to fully prepare to offer you an incredible Reverie experience! So come say goodbye to those memorable brick walls and wood floors, and be sure to say hello to our beautiful new space!