Boneshaker Espresso

Boneshaker Espresso

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Tasting Notes: 70% Dark Chocolate, Red Apple, Candied Citrus
Acidity: Medium
Body: Round, Full

Boneshaker Espresso is our cafe's flagship espresso and our staff's go-to coffee for a variety of brewing methods. Named after the first racing bicycle, the penny-farthing (commonly referred to as a Boneshaker), this coffee is sure to get your bones shaking and mind racing. This single origin espresso is currently comprised of Guatemala Rio Ocho, a delightful offering from our friends and importing partner, Kapeh Utz. Singing with notes of dark chocolate, developed sugars and a balanced citrus acidity, Boneshaker is a capable, flexible coffee for a variety of uses. Try pulling it as an espresso, brewing it in a drip coffee pot, or using it for cold brew.

Suggested espresso parameters: 20g input, 35g output, in 27-32 seconds.